Although not quite a museum, this cinema is unique in Normandy, and one of only a handful like it in Europe. The view is 360 degrees - you stand in the middle and can see the film unfold all around you on nine huge screens arranged in a circle. The film - 'The Price of Liberty' - mixes wartime footage with modern shots of the battlefield, many of them taken from unusual perspectives - such as from a helicopter over Omaha Beach, on board a DUKW and from the top of a Sherman tank as it drives through the Bocage. The sound is fantastic - and no matter how many times I visit this place it is always very impressive.

Arromanches 360 is open seven days a week from 10.00am, with screenings at 10 past and 40 past each hour. In June-July-August is open from 09.30, with the last screening at 18.40. It closes every January, otherwise it is open the rest of the year.

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Arromanches 360
Chemin du Calvaire - B.P. 9
14117 Arromanches

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