The new version of Combat Mission, CMAK, was released in Europe in early December 2003. Full details are elsewhere on this part of the site.

This section CMAK scenarios that have been designed and made by myself, and are not available on any other site. I am not a professional scenario designer, but have produced some for CMBB, and now CMAK - working on games that I would want to play myself and often based on tabletop wargames scenarios.

I hope you enjoy them - feedback always welcome.

Paul Reed



acquino04.jpg (55213 bytes) The Allies have broken through at Cassino and crossed the Rapido River, and are making advances up the Liri Valley. The scenario follows the 5th Bn Northamptonshire Regiment (78th Division) in their advance on the Acquino Aerodrome. It is based on the experiences of my veteran friend John Dray, who served in the battle and visited the ground with me in May 2003. He appears in the game as a sniper, a role he had at the time.
  Added: January 2004



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