Falaise has often been referred to as the 'Stalingrad' of Normandy. Following the breakout from the Bocage, Allied units approached the city in mid-August 1944. The remnants of the German army in Normandy were retreating east to the Seine river, and a combined effort with the Americans on one flank, and British and Canadians on the other, hoped to out flank them and destroy what was left. Falaise was entered by Canadian troops of 2nd Canadian Division, and there was bitter hand to hand fighting; some 85% of the city was destroyed by 16th August 1944.

The museum was started by Eddy Florentin, historian and author, to commemorate the fighting for the Falaise pocket. Inside is an incredible array of vehicles, uniforms and equipments. Outside is a DUKW and 88mm Flak. Inside, everything from a Lloyd carrier, M3 half-track, to a Panzer IVH, Sdkfz251/7 to a huge model (1/35th scale) of the entry of Canadian troops into Falaise in 1944.


The museum is open from the first Saturday in April to 11th November every year from 10.00-12.00 & 14.00-18.00 every day except Tuesday. During June-July-August it is open every day.

To find it either follow the "Normandy Terre Liberté" signs, or follow signs for 'Chateau de Guilliaume le Conquérant' (William The Conquerers castle) when coming into Falaise. From the castle go south following signs for Vire and passing the hospital on the left. On the right take the Chemin des Roches, a rough metalled road which will take you straight to the museum.

Musée Aout 1944 - La Bataille de La Poche de Falaise
Chemin des Rochers
14700 Falaise

Tel: 03 31 90 37 19.

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