In the early 1990s the Airborne Association Normandy Trust (AANT) in conjunction with Britanny Ferries produced an 'Historic Talking Tour' to the battlefields associated with 6th (Airborne) Division in Normandy. The guide included a tape with numerous veterans accounts on it, a book by Sir Huw Wheldon Red Berets into Normandy, a facsimile of the Camberley Staff College map of the operations area, some postcards, a facsimile of a 1944 newspaper and a brochure on Normandy museums. It originally retailed at under £20, but is sadly out of print/production. However, the Airborne Museum at Pegasus Bridge still has copies for sale at just under 30€ each (August 2002).

This part of the Normandy Battlefields pages traces the trail as it was in August 2002. It should be used in conjunction with the tour pack mentioned above and a decent map of the area. Carl Shilleto's Pegasus Bridge and Merville Battery (Pen & Sword 1999) is also very useful for visiting this area.

 STOP 1 Pegasus Bridge & Gondree Café
STOP 2 Drop Zone 'Nan'
STOP 3 Herouvillette
STOP 4 1st Canadian Parachure Memorial, Le Mesnil cross-roads
STOP 5 8th Parachute Battalion Memorial
STOP 6 Troarn Bridge
STOP 7 Merville Battery Museum
STOP 8 Bréville Village
STOP 9 8th Parachute Battalion Memorial
STOP 10 Ranville War Cemetery

NOTE: The 'Pegaus Trail'  concept is copyright Britanny Ferries & AANT.

©PAUL REED 2002-2006

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