British -2,151
Canadian - 76
Australian - 1
New Zealand - 1
Belgium - 1 
French - 5
Polish - 1
Unknown Allied - 1
German - 322
Totally Unidentified -1


The village of Ranville was an objective of 6th (Airborne) Division on 6th June 1944, and was captued by units of this formation on the morning of D Day. The churchyard was used for immediate burials, and some soldiers from 6th (Airborne) were laid to rest at this location as the fighting for the Eastern Flank continued. After the Second World War the site was chosen to regroup burials from this part of the battlefield, and graves were brought in from a number of areas, including: Amfreville, Colleville-sur-Orne, Houlgate, Colombelles and Villers-sur-Mer. The cemetery was finally closed in 1946. A very high proportion of the dead here are men from 6th (Airborne) Division.


Ranville is easily reached from Caen by following the D513 north-eastwards, and after about 9 km, turn left at Herouvillette. Go north for 1 km, and then turn left into Ranville village. The War Cemetery is in Rue des Airbornes. Alternatively, coming from Pegasus Bridge, go across Horsa Bridge to the next roundabout. Here follow signs for Ranville, and then follow the green CWGC signs in the village to the cemetery.



Brothers buried side by side:

Lieutenant J. Maurice Rousseau
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Killed 20th September 1944.

Lieutenant J. Phillippe Rousseau
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion
Killed 7th June 1944.


Private E.S.Corteil  9th Bn Parachute Regiment

- Killed 6th June 1944, age 19.
- Buried in the same grave as his dog 'Glenn', mascot of 9 Para.


Lieutenant Colonel A.P.Johnson DSO  Suffolk Regt cmdg. 12th Bn Parachute Regiment

- Killed 12th June 1944, age 32.


Major W.J.F.Jarmain  193 Bty 61st Anti-Tank Regt Royal Artillery

- Killed 26th June 1944, age 33.
- John Jarmain, the war poet.


Private R.J.Johns  13th Bn Parachute Regiment

- Killed 23rd July 1944, age 16.
- The youngest British Paratrooper killed in WW2; possibly the youngest British soldier to die in the war.


Captain T.R.Juckes MC  3rd Parachure Sq RE Airborne

- Killed 28th June 1944, age 24.
- He and his men blew 'Juckes Bridge' at Jures on D Day.

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