The village of Ranville was an objective of 6th (Airborne) Division on 6th June 1944, and was captured by units of this formation on the morning of D Day. The churchyard was used for immediate burials, and some soldiers from 6th (Airborne) were laid to rest at this location as the fighting for the Eastern Flank continued. After the Second World War the site was chosen to regroup burials from this part of the battlefield, and graves were brought in from a number of areas, including: Amfreville, Colleville-sur-Orne, Houlgate, Colombelles and Villers-sur-Mer. The cemetery was finally closed in 1946. A very high proportion of the dead here are men from 6th (Airborne) Division. Burials total 2,562.

In the grounds of the church is the Ranville Churchyard, where some of the earlier burials are found, among them Lieutenant Den Brotheridge of 2nd Oxs & Bucks, killed on Pegasus Bridge. There are 47 British graves here.


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