Located close to the Manoir du Bois, this memorial commemorates those of 8th Para who fought in the Normandy campaign. On D Day they dropped between 0020 and 0050, when the main body of the battalion landed on the DZ. Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel A.S.Pearson DSO MC (whose memorial is also alongside this one), because so many had been dropped all over and beyond the DZ, the unit could only muster 11 officers and 130 men. As such, they were not strong enough to attempt a battalion advance on the Troarn Bridge, their main objective. Recce groups went forward to scout Troarn, then Major Rosevaere took the initiative, and took a jeep load of men and explosives, and together blew the Troarn Bridge. The unit re-grouped, and stragglers came in, so by the end of the day the battalion was up to 17 officers and 300 men.


Continue on the D37, crossing over the motorway, into Troarn. At the roundabout turn left into the centre of the village, and go straight through on the N17. Go across the causeway to the Troarn Bridge, Stop 6.

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