One of the main objectives of 8 Para, assisted by 3rd Para Sq RE, on D Day was to knock out the Troarn Bridge, one of a number across the Dives river. This would stop the Germans re-inforcing and counter-attacking the Eastern Flank.

Major J.C.A.'Tim' Roseveare of the Para RE took a handful of his men in a jeep into the centre of Troarn, where they ran amock with the Germans, firing from the jeep and trailer as they drove the length of the village. They proceeded downhill to the causeway, and finally stopped on 110 foot stone bridge across the River Dives. Setting a fuse, the party fled and the jeep went up - destroying the bridge! Rosevaere and his party then made their way back to the main British positions and reported to Lieutenant Colonel Pearson of 8 Para that the bridge had been blown. For his bravery, Rosevaere was later awarded the Distinguished Service Order.


Return to Troarn village via the N17, and in Troarn turn right on the D95 in the direction of Bures. Follow this road via Petiville to the D513. Here turn right, then next left on the D95a to Gonneville-sur-Auge. Continue to the D223, and turn right, then next left into Merville. Follow the signs for the Merville Battery Museum - Stop 7.

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