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Welcome to the World War 2 Society

"To commemorate those of the British & Commonwealth Forces 
who fought and died in the Second World War."

The World War 2 Society has been formed to foster interest in the period of the Second World War and to remember the sacrifice and achievements of the British and Commonwealth Forces between 1939 and 1945. 

Membership is largely based in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations, but members are welcome from anywhere. There are special rates for WW2 Veterans, whose membership and participation we actively encourage.

The Society will be officially formed on 8th May 2009.

The Society's aim will be to produce a regular magazine/bulletin, hold a meeting/AGM every year in the UK, and organise battlefield tours to WW2 Battlefields in Europe. Long term aims include the establishment of a British & Commonwealth Visitors Centre on the Normandy Battlefields in France.

We welcome your contribution and membership: please keep an eye on WW2 Talk to see updated details about the WW2 Society.

Paul Reed MA
The WW2 Society


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